An Endless Sound

Interactive web art installation, infinite duration. Stereo audio. P5.js. October 2020.
An Endless Sound explores transitional space through movement and sound.
Created for In the Absence with the Digital Arts Resource Centre (DARC):

Life in the Boundary Layer

Audio-visual simulation of a moss ecosystem, infinite duration. August 2020.
5.1 surround. Ambisonic field recordings, synthesis, Max/MSP, Unity. 
Interactive VR experience coming soon.

Important Questions
Asked by Someone You Love

Phonographic piece, duration 4:22. May 2020. 
5.1 surround for installation. Field recordings, synthesis.
Created for the Possible Worlds exhibit Everything is Constantly Changing,
featuring a series of screen-printed illustrations by Robin Richardson-Dupuis.

We Are Moving Too Fast
and We Are Too Far Away

Pure Data performance with Gem, duration 5:46. May 2020.
Created in response to ecologist Robin Wall Kimmerer’s statement:
“We are moving too fast and we are too far away; all the stories escape us,
except our own.”

Closer, Closer

Phonographic piece, duration 4:58. January 2020.
Stereo audio. Field recordings of Tommy Thompson Park, Toronto, ON.

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